The greatest Ausia soldier joins MW!!

Hey MW,
Guess what!The greatest AUSIA soldier, VIVEK,  joined Magical Warriors!
So finally we have found our 2ic!!

Any leader interested in becoming a 3ic can just give your name in join page.

Supreme Commander

Membership reward!!!!!!

Hey MW,
Today I am posting this message to tell you all that Magical Warriors is offering a 12 Month Membership to one of its member!!!! Its a raffle and you can enter it by just filling out the join form!
The first 20 penguins who fill out the form will only enter the raffle!!! So hurry and join us now!!!

Supreme Commander

MW First Official Meeting!!!

Ave MW,

This is Bandage23 , your Supreme Commander. And I officially announce today that we will have our first official MW meeting on 7th april 2014!!!!




Led by: Bandage23( Supreme Commander)*

Server: Yukon

Time: 2:30 pm GMT

6:30 am PST

7:30 am MST

8:30 am CST

9:30 am EST

*If the owners who are in charge of leading the troop fail to lead they will be demoted from their ranks.

All MW troops must attend the event. (PST and MST excluded .You may attend the MW training session that week. )



Hi MW,

I am Bandage23. Beware, there’s another CP army named MW. But it stands for Magic Warriors and we are Magical Warriors. So don’t get confused.
If you haven’t joined us Plz join now we would like to see you as a MagicAL Warriors!!

Your Supreme Commander

Join Magical Warriors of Club Penguin!!!!!

Hi there,
This is your Supreme Commander Bandage23! This is the rise of an army called Magical Warriors of Club Penguin(MW). I have created this army. To join you must go to the join section and follow the instructions.
Once you do this you will be added to the ranks. This is the start of this army. So once we get 20 to 30 penguins we will have our first official MW meeting.

And don’t forget to check out our uniform.